Functioning of the business and organisation of enterprises

We shall understand the business needs and specific features of your operations – and then on an ongoing or ad hoc basis we shall support or take care of the permanent legal functioning of your enterprise and business:

We shall advise you on any problems or issues related to your business, and;

• remain in ongoing contact with you and actively supervise your current affairs;

• develop and provide the necessary legal or tax solutions;

• ensure your enterprise is compliant with the law and appropriatly reduce or eliminat risks for such business;

• facilitate the operations of internal legal departments or establish an external legal back-office for the enterprise;

• provide substantial training for your employees.

Transactions, investments and restructuring

We shall identify your strategic goals and ideas – and then guide through all aspects and legal issues of any transaction, investment or restructuring process – whether relating to the company, enterprise, financing or real estate, and:

• examine or optimise the status of the project;

• identify legal or tax risks and specify how to eliminate or minimize them;

• determine the legal structure of the project and provide factual recommendations;

• prepare drafts of documentation;

• negotiate the terms of the project with your contractor or partner;

• provide assistance in the project implementation.


We shall identify the essence of the problem, assess the opportunities, risks and how to resolve them in the best way – and then guide you through each litigation as an adviser and representative in litigation, and:

• advise you at all stages of the pre-litigation process of enforcing your rights in court or mediation;

• develop and recommend a strategy for a potential or ongoing dispute;

• negotiate settlements or other agreements relating to the dispute;

• represent you before the common courts of law of all instances or before courts of arbitration



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